Saturday, July 4, 2009

my big sister

So we meet again... here on these pages. What can I say today? Im not quite sure yet... but I know there's plenty on my mind...

Today is July 4th and woke up not too long ago. The first thought I had waking up was of my sister, Tosha. So I texted her. I havn't talked about her too much thus far, but she has always been a big deal in my world. The seven year gap between us, used to seem much bigger, but the older we get the closer we get. As a little girl, I would always follow her around, the difference is, now, its somewhat welcomed.
The thing is... She's smart. She's beautiful. She's strong. Like I said, she's kind of a big deal in my world. I just love her, and I feel blessed to be her little sister.

I dont know about most families. But when birthdays would come around at my house, my mom would sit you down and tell you the story of the day you were born. She would always start out my story telling me how everybody wanted a boy. My parents already had their girl, and they were asking God for a boy.
Tosha, however, disagreed. Instead she asked God for a sister. And God heard, and gave her Tondi Rachelle. And now she's stuck with me :)
I always liked that part of the story.
Sooo yeah. My sister was on my mind this morning. Her and funnel cake.

We walked miles to sold out funnel cake last night. It broke my heart to say the least. Columbus puts on their firework show "Red White and Boom" every year on July 3rd. Personally, I wasnt thinking about fireworks, or our independence day, all I could think about was FUN-NEL-CAKE. We walked for forever and waited in line for forever and then they run out of funnel cake. Lame I tell you, lame....soo I concluded that Im making my own today....we'll see how it goes.

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  1. That so nice of you! I love my sis also!~ she's my backbone! I was on mane and chic and almost fainted by how fierce you are! I would love to know where did you get that hair color, I need that color on my kinky mane! please let me know because your hair is the ish!