Monday, January 30, 2012

my "Dear John" letter

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear John,

         SO our Love story continues. I imagine that if Mr.Walt Disney were still alive today he would have most likely turned up his nose if someone were to pitch our story for his next animated film... but I find that our plot twist has a certain undeniable charm and the "happily ever after" ending doesn't hurt either... what does Disney know anyways...

It was a dream, then it was a fairy tale, then it was a nightmare, and then we woke up. We have weathered storms, we bathed in sunshine, we hurt each other, we have healed each other. We have Loved, and we have Loved harder.

You could have been just a memory today... a sad story I would try to forget. Instead, today we get to celebrate 3yrs of marriage, and I must say that I am humbled and grateful that we have found something undeniably indestructible in the Love we share.

I want you to know you are more than a man, more than my husband, more than a father; more than anyone will ever be able to comprehend. Your depth is endless and I am so grateful to be able to experience all that you are. You have my heart, and those aren't just words. 

I Love you for being my best friend. I Love you for working so hard on yourself. I Love you for the way your brain works. I Love you for learning how to make my coffee. I Love you for being different than anybody I've ever met. I Love you for enabling my candy addiction. I Love you for being strong for our family. I Love for being incredibly talented. I Love you for providing. I Love you for cracking me open. I Love you for never ignoring my feelings. I Love you teaching me about the importance of self-Love. I Love you for teaching me about forgiveness. I Love you for encouraging me. I Love you for loving Kyle like he was your own. I Love you for protecting me. I Love your new haircut. I Love you for never holding grudges. I Love every single freckle on your body. I Love you for being patient with me. I Love you for wanting my happiness more than your own. I Love you for challenging me. I Love you for telling the truth. I Love you for Loving me...

I Love YOU...times infinity.

Happy Anniversary Baby!!!

your wife, Tondi Collins. 

p.s. "Tryna get fresh?!!"