Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Glimpse of God

I pushed God away.

Well maybe not God, as much as the word "god". That word, along with all the other words I heard spoken in vain as a young person growing up in the church. I no longer had any use for such words in my vernacular so I gifted myself with the freedom to walk away from that world and the language they spoke.

I used to go around singing my pastor's daughter's blues -in my immaturity I just wished my parents had regular jobs. However the fact of the matter was that they were far from regular.

Two exceptional people, my parents. They raised me to be who I am, they encouraged my talents, but most importantly they taught me to Love God.

So naturally, church was like a second home growing up.
Sometimes home is a place you feel a sense of belonging, other times it just a place you often find yourself.
I related to the latter.

Church was such a strange place, I felt that even in my full submersion so when I journied out my only request was to find real, tangible truth. Not new words, rituals, or doctrine

… I suppose I just really wanted God (for lack of a better word)

You have this all knowing, all powerful, divine entity.
Creator of the universe.
The embodiment of Love...
then you have the humans he created- beautiful, brilliant, tortured, confused, complex, multi faceted humans- with all our light, and all of our darkness.
Here we are on this planet trying to reconcile our God-like nature with the notion of being retched sinners- bound to the idea that we as humans are inherently flawed.
Now we must apologize for our human nature, seek forgiveness, and repent or risk eternal torture.

Question mark.

So I began to take more notice of the sky when I found myself outdoors. Whether it be in daylight, when the sun had the stage or at nightfall, when the stars were on full display and the moon had her turn. I began to notice the wind in all its powerful invisibility, how it made the trees dance. Nature speaks with such profound silence.

I thought about the Universe. I thought about the 100 billion galaxies. All the stars and all the planets. You think about how vast space is for long enough and you start to feel very small.
But then, remember all the elements that make up the stars are the same elements found in you and me.
What a grand feeling.

I watched as my body grew life. I witnessed divine creative power firsthand. So intense. Motherhood opened me up, left me together and broken all at the same time- which is a perfect position to be to receive revelation.

And so it came just like this...

God is, was, and always will be.
And energy can never be created or destroyed.
God is ever-expanding Love.
The universe is expanding exponentially every second.

I had an ah-ha there, or a "come to jesus moment" if you will…

Suppose God and the Universe are one in the same. Suppose God is the personified Universe.

Universal intelligence is a term used to describe what is seen as organization, or order of the universe. It has been described as "the intrinsic tendency for things to self-organize and co-evolve into ever more complex, intricately interwoven and mutually compatible forms."

It is the very intelligence surrounding us in nature. i.e. pollination, migration, even the unbelievably intricate systems in our own human bodies.

Some would say universal intelligence, some would say God.

Whatever language you use, if you are one of the few brave enough to ask the questions I believe you will find what you seek. 

For me, I was searching for myself, and in that search I got a glimpse of God.

So here and now, I pray a prayer of gratitude. Gratitude for this incredible journey, as everything unfolds and comes full circle in my life.

I make peace with the unknown, for all I know is Love.