Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Spiritual Teachers: Kyle, Darwin, and Max

Children are our special teachers


Because they are the least removed from source energy.
In religious terms: fresh out of heaven.

And when we can center ourselves; and get in the present moment when we are in the presence of these divine beings we can look them in the eye and see all they have to give, they will teach us about ourselves. And that is worth  all the sleepless nights... 

I thank the universe or in religious terms: God. 

I thank God for my three little blessings that at some point or another I perceived as mistakes. They have caused me to reevaluate everything I ever perceived as a mistake. For my mistakes have been the very catalyst for this rapid evolution. The very thing that has propelled me to become a greater version of myself. And my only prayer is that I raise beautiful, compassionate, enlightened, and awaken humans. 

So be it, or in religious terms: Amen.