Monday, January 18, 2010

creatively scatterbrained

Im so creatively scatterbrained. So many ideas in my head. So many started projects. So much creativity and so little completion. I think this is why Im always a little wacky. I need to shut out the world for like a week, be alone with my ideas, and bring them to life......

On second thought. No. That might be somewhat dangerous. Maybe just a couple of days, MAYBE. I can't be alone with my thoughts for that long. My husband knows. Its not healthy for a loner to be alone too much. I sink deep inside myself and forget how to function socially. Its all bad.

But anyways like I was saying... things need to get done. These things include: writing for for the book, the short story im working on, my face mesh painting, fashion illustrations all over the place.... and ummm.... I think thats it? yeah. I think thats it.

I have to get this apartment clean before I do anything. I can't think amongst mess.

Ill leave you with some sketches of Seth. He's the second character in my children's book. Seth is nine. He's Jondi's best friend and next door neighbor. He comes from a Jewish background. His two loves: music and academics. He's a little dorky, kind of a mamas boy, somewhat timid.... but he always finds himself in some kind of trouble with Jondi....

Its been a minute... u remember Jondi?

Thats her.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

shattered illusions

I find it amazing that I spend so much time worrying that people may think bad things about me when in reality there ARE bad things about me... there are a lot of good things too... but why would I rather let people cling to an illusion that everything is all good and later be disappointed when they find that I, am in fact a flawed human. I am beautiful, but flawed nonetheless. For this reason I resolve to stop trying to filter my flaws before I present myself to the world.
This is me.... selfish, insecure, loving, passionate, strong, weak- ME.

I just can't help it...

My husband and I made one new years resolution. Just one. Here it is....
no bull shit.

Simple right?

Anything in our lives that doesn't bring us peace will either be changed or removed completely.

This excites me. This puts us on a whole other level of honesty. Not just with each other, but with in ourselves about the things we allow to steal our peace.

For me its fear, worry, and doubt. Three things that can paralyze you mentally, spiritually, and physically if you allow them to stick around. So my goal is to dispel all three. While I shatter illusions of a perfect me, and let go of the fear I am happy with who I am and where I am right now in this moment.

Love. it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

switch it up

Its been a minute so I thought Id switch it up ;)