Monday, January 18, 2010

creatively scatterbrained

Im so creatively scatterbrained. So many ideas in my head. So many started projects. So much creativity and so little completion. I think this is why Im always a little wacky. I need to shut out the world for like a week, be alone with my ideas, and bring them to life......

On second thought. No. That might be somewhat dangerous. Maybe just a couple of days, MAYBE. I can't be alone with my thoughts for that long. My husband knows. Its not healthy for a loner to be alone too much. I sink deep inside myself and forget how to function socially. Its all bad.

But anyways like I was saying... things need to get done. These things include: writing for for the book, the short story im working on, my face mesh painting, fashion illustrations all over the place.... and ummm.... I think thats it? yeah. I think thats it.

I have to get this apartment clean before I do anything. I can't think amongst mess.

Ill leave you with some sketches of Seth. He's the second character in my children's book. Seth is nine. He's Jondi's best friend and next door neighbor. He comes from a Jewish background. His two loves: music and academics. He's a little dorky, kind of a mamas boy, somewhat timid.... but he always finds himself in some kind of trouble with Jondi....

Its been a minute... u remember Jondi?

Thats her.


  1. hey there---i sent you a email awhile back asking if i could have you as my featured artist on my blog--i so LOVE your work--i'm still waiting--if you dont want to do it, it's fine but you should get it out there for the world to see--remain blessed!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. You sound alot like me. I am a loner with a quirky personality as well. God bless you!

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  4. @essensevibez Thank you very much for the compliment :). Feel free to use any of the images and let me know if you have questions about dementions or mediums used... or whatever. Thanks again :)

    @servant thank you very much Im glad you enjoy my blog