Wednesday, July 8, 2009

vinatge ish

Sooo I just got back from shooting for Bustown Modern... these are some the items that are up this week. Feel free to check it out >>>


  1. Hey Tondi! You are the greatest model ever! I wish I had pictures of your big debute when you first modeled for me but i dont because ccad somehow lost them :) But anyway I have just 3 photos on my portfolio site. check em out. Miss you girlie!!

  2. all kinds of hot!!!! you must be a natural belle of the week!!!! submit a photo @ you are the essence of flyness gurl!

  3. Hells yes :) Thanks ladies!

    Belle: I LoVe your blog!!! Im def sending pictures! :) Thanks girl!

    Rogue: Those picture are tooo funny! Thanks so so much for that! I needed a laugh lol I miss you too! I hope you're doin it big in NY! Trust Im on my way