Monday, July 13, 2009

the land of cleves

I’m just chillen, really... listening to this mix I made this morning and sipping on some coffee. I feel good. I must say. I'll feel even better when John gets home from work :) We spent all weekend apart once again due to the fact that I went to Cleveland to see the fam.

I saw mommy and daddy and my big sis aaaand my little brother and my niece aaaand my other brother.... it was perfect!

I missed them all soo much. I also got to see my dad in action on his campaign trail. He's running for judge of Cleveland. I’m proud of him :) He's so passionate. I love that about my dad. He's a passionate, hardworking, selfless man. I would love to be more like him. I love 'em.

Anyways, before I went to Cleveland I had two photo shoots on Friday. The first one was on the beach. I shot with this photographer named Anessa Woods (she's the chick that owns Bustown Modern). It was me and another model, Meghan. We looked hott! Decked out in swim suits and furs! lol I can't to see how the images came out. Hopefully I can post them on here soon. I went from the beach back home for two whole seconds to grab my hubby...then to my next photo shoot. I had to shoot for John Rueben's upcoming album cover set to drop in August. That was fun. I love John Reuben. He's awesome guy. If you're not familiar with him, he's a Christian rap should check him out >> Friday was a busy day, but good day.

Theeeen I went to the land of Cleves. Kicked it. My parent's new house feels like a vacation home. I love it. The walls are bright colors and there're lots of windows so it’s always breezy... I could have stayed there longer if I hadn't left my baby love behind. So we got back on the road on Sunday and headed home. I was happy to be back, I missed my bed and the guy in it ;)

Oh yeah!! I almost forgot! I gotta a job too! My bum days are over. lol Making money and saving money means BYE BYE OHIO! :) God is certainly good!

So, uh yeah... I think that’s about it.

Peace and LOVE yall **follow your dreams**


  1. So...Family Portrait= Freakin AMAZING!

  2. LOL everybody in the family hates that picture... O WELL! thanks bee :)

  3. Hey Tondi,

    I am so proud of you!!! You've inspired me! I started a blog...check it out.

    hope ya like. congrats on ur family and ur new job. I talked to ur aunt Tina..she told me about Madea in the parade with ur dad...i cracked up...hilarious. tell everyone i said hi..God Bless you