Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I must confess I've been distracted. There is one main focus of my life, one main passion, one main force that motivates everything I do…. Jesus. I've know about Jesus from a very early age, but I only fell in love five short years ago. It wasn't a trip, or a stumble, I fell and I fell hard. That love was so consuming, I devoted my life to it. Therefore my life is no longer my own and my plans are now God's plans. So I must confess I've been distracted. Busy making my own plans, and dreaming dreams as if they were my own. Forgetting who put them in my heart, and who will in turn make them come to past. I sit and fight with myself because I can't seem to conceal my weakness. Forgetting His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I must confess I've been distracted. In the quest to peal back the next layer of myself and discover who I am in a deeper way, there is no ignoring God. Because I, alone, can never understand the complex layers that make me who I am unless I first understand the one that created me. I will never understand my purpose until I understand my God. In strengthening our relationship and spending time in His presence, distraction seems to be my worst enemy. My husband said it best, " When God is out of sight he's out of mind, and when Im impatient with the weight of the wait, I step out of line". Stepping back in line is no problem, because God never leaves. Regaining focus is never a problem because God's love brings clarity. Remembering the passion and the dreams in my heart was given by God, not just for me, but the world at large. I must confess I've been distracted until now.


  1. huney--this is a wonderful post-it just shows a side of you like everyone else has, including myself-i fall also but we get back up and do what we have to do-distraction, to me, is a part of life-it's just God's way of showing you HE'S IN CONTROL-i believe in my heart and soul that God puts these distractions in our path so we can lean more towards Him-that when these distractions come, we are to run to Daddy-but you stay strong my sistah-don't lt the devil stand in your way-you have too much going on for you-yiu are so blessed-just know you have a Columbus Sistah here keeping you in prayer--remain blessed!

  2. Truth. I love it. Thank you so much for that. God bless you!! :)

  3. As you take heed and proceed you shall succeed yes indeed...God is real
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts that come to mind...I shall return
    Much blessing b-un2-u & yours

    Aim Green

  4. I was attracted to your page because of your beautiful hair. But I've just read into a little of your heart. Now I realize that I am distracted as well. I just newly became natural and I have been often letting my dreams of long, full, healthy hair distract me a lot. Thanks so much for the reminder of where my focus should be. God promises us the desires of our heart if we just seek Him when He can be found and call upon Him while He is near. Thank you for your post. God bless you

  5. thank u so much, thats great to hear :)Let God continue to mold you into the woman He wants you to be. Stay Beautiful, and God Bless.


  6. im so touched. i really want to have a convo with you bout this kinda thing. i kno its seem REALLY creepy God has made moves in my life and he's tellin me to find ppl with the a hunger for him and i feel you do. if you dont mind email me