Thursday, July 16, 2009

lucky 5

Check THIS out...I'm going home for my second weekend in a row! Please hold the applause...
The thing is I promised my cousin (Marques) I would go see his band play when they came to cleveland... and it just so happens that they have a gig this saturday at Peabody's downtown. Sooo its no brainer... good music + my favorite cousin= me there! Plus my husband is comming along this time, which is perfect cause they have yet to meet each other. I know they will hit it off, because my husband can make friends with any and everybody... seriously... and my cousin is pretty much the dude version of me... so whats not to love?
Go check out the band...the name is LUCKY FIVE and they're the SHIT (excuse my french, im just sayin...)

(my cousin is the one with the cig in his mouth, the lead singer)

this weekend is going to be dope... PLUS my babe is taking me thrifting tomorrow... im gonna find some vintage hottness to wear to the show :)


  1. WOAH FREAKING WOAH! I was definitely in Cleveland this past weekend! ARGH!!!

  2. ARE U SERIOUS??? this just goes to show that we need to stay in contact more...this is not cool cause I miss you SO MUCH!...Im so best friend deprived :(