Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what up peeps

...its been a minute... I missed you! I tried to blog a few times last week... but like I said before its a rare time when my head is clear enough to get all my thoughts down. Maybe I should just stop thinking about it so hard and just type as the thoughts come...... or maybe I just stop thinking so hard in general...

OK! So guess what! This weekend I got to shoot in Kato's clothes from project runway!! Remember her? She was that liberian hottness...
... yeah u remember...

It was an awsome experience aaand I had a lot of fun. Stephanie Mathews was the photographer, Erica Stewart did make up, and Roxy did hair...it was very sexy, very high fashion... I will be posting pictures soon...

Then I met the rest of husbands family on saturday. We all met up and had a cook out. They do it every year, it was really nice. Everybody was super chill and friendly...although one of his cousins thought i would be funny to refer to me as wife #1 as if to imply there would be more wives to follow me...im thinkin "sorry to dissappoint, but Im here to stay lady!"

lol whatever... it was all good.

ALSO mane&chic has me as there featured model this week. So thats pretty awsome :) Go check it out http://maneandchic.blogspot.com/

while your at it check my myspace I have working on

...ALRIGHTY I think thats it for today... Im going to shoot for Bustown at 2pm and I gots to wash me hair :)

By the way Im going to NEW YORK for the first time the weekend :) Im so excited!

...Ok thats it for real....Later guys!


  1. You are going to flip and shit a brick when you go to NYC. I've lived here all my life and everytime I step off the train and up the stairs to times Sqaure, I get exctied, even though i've been there numerous amounts of times. It never disappoints you.

  2. haha!! im sure I will flip...but I really hope I dont shit a brick- cause that would suck...lol

    but yeah im sooo excited! Im gonna take mad pics and post them on my blog :)