Thursday, June 25, 2009

new jersey

First I would like to say HELLOOOO to all my new followers!!! Hopefully I dont bore

Im going to New Jersey tonight to walk in a fashion show for a designer named Nyemadi you can buy her stuff and can also check out her blog http:/
I will also be walking for some other designers I havn't met yet. It should be fun. Its Jersey, so I dont expect it to be a big deal, but its for Nyemadi and I cant say no to her. Honestly, I have trouble saying no in general... lol (I should probally work on that). But anyways it should still be a lot of fun. Runway is my thing, so im excited :)

After that we will go say whats up to NY and then head home. I will be sure to take lots of pictures! ;)

The only thing that sucks is leaving my hubby behind. We havnt spent a night apart in verrry long time. I know I sound like a big baby, but that makes me sad. I wish he could come, but he has to work :( I will be packing a T-shirt of his for sure... and his cologne... and pictures......

Oh god. :/

whatever...dont judge me! LOL

IN OTHER NEWS: the photographer sent me a couple sample photos from the shoot I told you guys about...u the one in Kato's pieces??
here they are >>

What do ya think?? I, personally, love them.... but thats just me...


  1. I went to that website, and she has some beautiful clothes...with prices that fit my budget *smile.* Thanks for sharing.

  2. I Love your modeling pics!!!! They're gorgeous. I live in Columbus, Ohio so I feel your pain Lol. I am soooo ready to leave this place. Anyways i just wanted to show love to your blog since you live in columbus and your a natural head like me ;) I'll be checkin in daily for new posts.

    -Ashley Michelle

  3. your a cool- down to earth natty headed beauty !
    nice to meet you also working on a novel and i feel u on some of the things you speak of here ..
    good luck to you and yours ...