Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AHHH!!! SO MUCH is going on!!! I dont even know where to begin!!! We need to get the freaking Internet in our new place so I can actually keep my precious baby blog updated!!

... I guess I should start with good news... ready? Okay... I got a promotion!!! YAY!!! Assistant manager at Shi by Journey's, full time, benefits... a real "grown up" job lol Im excited. At first I was low key nervous because Ive seen people in managerial positions with the company who are absolutely miserable being there... but then I realized this experience, just like any experience, will be what I make it. So Im choosing to make it a positive one, and I am really excited to start :) Making more money will put us closer to our savings goal which will only speed up the whole moving process. This is good.

I also found out a while ago that Americas Next Top Model is casting here in Columbus on April 8th. I decided to go try. I was never interested before because the whole "reality tv" idea turned me off. But now, for some reason Im interested... really interested. So wish me luck! :)

I have deeper things to express about whats going on in my life, but my mind isnt there right now so Im just gonna leave it right here for now....

Much love to all of you <3


  1. First off ,Congratulations on your Promotion,the best to you.
    And second you should really go to the auditions,You will ace it I believe!

  2. Congratulations on the new position. Take it all in stride.

    As for the auditions, be ready to fill out hella paper work. I auditioned in Pittsburgh last year...ugh...hell. Did not enjoy it, but by all means I wish you the greatest of luck.