Monday, October 12, 2009

chicago visit

Im sitting in my Columbus apartment listening to Modest Mouse. I just woke up not too long ago. I feel content this morning. Thats a feeling I havn't felt in a long time. I know my last post was a bit mellow dramatcic but it was honestly how I felt when I wrote it. That was the day I went to my first "real" open call at Ford Modeling Agency and I learned for the first time what it felt like to be rejected in the industry. Honestly I didn't know what to do with the emotions I felt. I didnt know how to get rid of them and I didn't even know how to feel them... they were just there. It was a strange night, and an even stranger morning because wednesday I had to prepare to visit Elite Models. I went in there ready for anything and ready for nothing.

Walking into Elite I was greeted by the receptionist with long blonde hair, she was smiling. She told me I was early and to take a seat. I immediatly felt better... the receptionist at Ford never smiled. Finally they walked us into a room down the hall where we were met by the scout. She was smiling, and talking to us like she actually wanted to talk to us. The scout at Ford just wanted to get the open call over with so she could leave and go pick her daughter up from school... everything felt so different in this place. We all said our names, our age, where we were from, and how tall we were.

"HI my name is Tondi, Im 21 years old, Im from Columbus, OH and Im 5'8'" *big smile*

Everybody had a turn and then the scout began to speak again. She gave us a little lecture about how models must stand out, and we are only given seconds to make an impression, and then she turned to me and said... "With that being said, Im going to ask everyone to leave except for this young lady"

Inside I was jumping, screaming, doing cartwheels, and high-fiving myself!!!! Outside I was cool, calm and collected. She took me upstairs, checked my height, introduced me to a lady, and handed me something called a snap request. A snap request is basically a request for several shots of your body from different angles, so they know what you look like with no make up, hair pulled back, and no posing. Those photos are then, to be mailed in. I ask for her card, shook her hand and saw myself out the door.
We then decided to stay one more day, to see one more agent. BMG Models. I hadn't heard of them until I got to Chicago. But I felt it was worth a shot. They are are smaller agency but very reputable, which is never a bad thing. So for our last day in Chicago we paid them a visit. I really liked the feel of the agency, it was very homey. The people were friendly and helpful. They took the time to meet with each model individually. They also expressed interest and they gave me basically the same snap request.
Yesterday I mailed off the photos to both BMG and Elite. They should arrive in Chicago tommorrow... and in the mean time I wait to hear back...

crossing fingers, and praying to God...

there are a few of the photos I sent in>>


  1. yay! a new post! i love your blog because seeing a mature, Christian, black model these days is indeed rare. thanks again for your insights and keep it up!

    your faithful reader,

  2. you're absolutely gorgeous
    grt face, skin & body
    you'll make it just don't give up if it's what you really want