Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the underdeveloped fetus of my dream

Last night I dreamed I gave birth to a baby girl. She was wrapped up in a pink blanket and she was about 7 inches long. I seemed to be the only one in the dream that thought it was weird that she was so small, while no one else really even seemed to care that I had just given birth. With the exception of my husband, nobody really touched, or even looked at the baby. Before I gave birth I never even knew I was pregnant, I wasn't even showing. The baby just seemed to painlessly slip out. I remember laying the baby by my husband on the bed, and then instantly being overcome with the fear that he would roll over and crush the baby. That thought made me so upset and angry, but for some reason I just wouldn't move the baby. Then I woke up.

Weird right??

So when I woke up I told my husband about it... he had no idea what it meant. So when he left for work I started googling it. (I'm kinda a google nerd, I google everything)

This is what I found....
As always, question your dream noticing the finer details. How far along are you? Are you showing? Are you close to delivery? Are you actually giving birth? If you've delivered, are you taking care of the child? If you are not showing, but know you are pregnant, think of this symbolically and ask yourself if there is some idea that you've conceived but are not 'showing' to the world? Is there something hidden inside you, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be given some attention and time to develop? If you are giving birth, think about what happens when a woman gives birth: there is pain, followed by new life. In this case, this could indicate something in your life that will be painful to deal with but will ultimately give you great joy. Or it could mean that there is something you want to bring into the world which will be as life changing as giving birth. Whatever it is, the good news is that it is a natural event, something spontaneous and filled with life. If you have already given birth, are you taking care of what you brought into the world or has it been abandoned? Look at your life and see if there is something that needs some nurturing, some part of yourself that means a lot to you, but you haven't been taking care of--a project, a relationship, anything. Ask yourself why this isn't being addressed, ask yourself what is more important that your own creation. Pregnancy dreams, like real life pregnancies are harbingers of change, creativity, and new life being brought into the world. Treat your life as you would treat yourself if you were pregnant and wait for the miracle you're already creating to manifest in your waking world!

Crazy right?? With a little research I got my interpretation... and it all makes complete sense...

I see this dream as somewhat of a warning, like God wants me to understand something that I'm not getting. I realize that God has put so much in me. He has given me gifts and talents and skills, some of which I have yet to even tap into. But I think God is trying to get me to understand that they must be nurtured. That's why the baby in my dream was so under developed. The baby didn't represent a literal baby, it represented my purpose. I was so confused and heartbroken in the dream because nobody seemed to take notice to what I had just birthed. Meaning that if I don't take time to nurture and understand myself and my purpose and walk in that, it will not grow and it will not make the impact on this world that it needs to. It will simply go unnoticed. My research explained that if I wasn't showing in the dreaming this could mean, symbolically that there is some idea that you've conceived but are not 'showing' to the world? That there maybe something hidden inside me, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be given some attention and time to develop.
It's all true.

Another interesting point in my dream is the fact that my husband was the only one that cared about the baby besides me. He is the closest person to me in this world. I tell him literally everything. He's seen me in my most vulnerable state. I have opened myself to him to the point where he sees things in me that I don't even see. So it makes sense that he would care for the baby as I did in my dream. But at the same time I felt the need to protect it from him in fear that he would disguard it like the rest of the people in my dream. I didn't trust him completely. I forgot that he was on my side. He saw the baby just as I did. Meaning that he sees my purpose and my dreams just as I do, if not clearer. I can admit that at times I forget that. At times I forget that we are on the same team and that he would never damage the things I cherish, but that he will cherish them as well. He is always on my side.

Deep right?? That was a lot of deepness to be so early in the morning! But it was a good dream, and I'm glad I took the time to understand it. I rarely remember my dreams, so when I do i like to take the time to make sense of them.

I will be asking God to give me a deeper understanding of my purpose... and as I understand more I will share more, and expose more of me.

I am full of greatness, and so are you. I encourage you to find it in yourself as well.


  1. WOW...your going to be someone to remember.
    good luck with everything!


  2. I agree that the underdeveloped baby could be a talent or a gift that you have not fully developed.

    However, your husband in the dream isn't necessarily your husband. He could be the masculine side of you - the logical, rational side. Perhaps you want to protect your baby from your husband in your dreams because you are afraid that if are too rational, too logical that you will destroy your gift. This could be a message that you need to focus more on your intution.

  3. this is completely unrelated, but I just saw your picture on ManeandChic and your hair is AMAZING! Is it dyed? Love your color and wanted to replicate it sometime soon.


  4. Love this Post!! I love dream interpretations!!

  5. Thank u all for your comments...especially Marcia Dream... very insightful. I think you're right. You gave me something to think about...