Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wee young thang

Last time you heard from me I was just a wee young thang... but today I stand before you as a woman... haha sike naw... but I did turn the big TWO ONE last week :)

You heard right ladies and gents- ya girl is 21 years old as of August 24th! Feels good I must say. My birthday was spent with just and my baby. We slept in, went to the beach, stuffed our faces at waffle house... the day was perfect :)

So far I have not become the lush that I imagined- due largely to the fact that Im usually broke... although I did get drunk with my husbands family- it was awsome- but thats another story for another time ;)

In other news I FINALLY got a job. I started at Rag-O-Rama on monday! So far I loves it ;) Hopefully I stick with it till I bust up out of Ohio

ALSO, on my first day I met a lady that recognised me from mane & chic!! She said I inspired her big chop- I thought that was pretty dope! Im really bad with names- but you were one hot mama, I do remember that! lol Sooo if you're reading this I just wanted to give YOU a shout out! - so there you go :)

ummm what else is dere??

OH YEAH- I met with that agent from S2 Wilhelmina. The meeting went great. But Im still not sure what I want to do. HUGE GROWN- UP DECISION ALERT. brain crashing... crashing...crashing....gone.

Unfortunately Chicago got postponed for a of couple weeks and for couple of reasons. For one, mother nature sent me my monthly gift. So we arnt speaking. And for two, I didnt like the way the trip was organized- to where the there was a possibility of me missing one of my open calls. Not cool. So we are planning it better and Im going to get off the rag and we are gonna go in two weeks... I've waited this long, whats two weeks.