Tuesday, April 21, 2009

love itself

He loves like he was taught by love Itself.
Oneday, Love, in it nakedness, sat him down.
Love revealed itself in the purest way- with everything stripped.
No religon to blur the view.
No fear to numb the feeling.
Bearing its flesh.
Telling its truths.
Days he spent locked in a room.
Just him- love- and his open heart.
Love was the teacher.
He was the student.
His heart was the space where his lesson were written.
Everyday I get to open it- to read, and learn, and feel.
In fact I hold it in my chest.
It pumps the blood that now flows through my veins.
With no religion to blur the view and no fear to numb the feeling and everything stripped.
We love like we were taught by Love Itself.

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