Tuesday, April 28, 2009


sooo its been a week since i have hit up my blog... not that I have any devoted followers or anything like that...but whatever lol

thats cool....I still have stuff to say anyways :)

My husband and I went to Cleveland, OH this weekend to see my family. We had to take a family portrait for my dads website...he is running for judge... it was cool.... I missed the fam.

But anyways.... enough of that! This is whats been on my mind lately


I want to explore! I want to see new places! I want to leave!

My husband and I are only 20 and sometimes it feels like we have settled down... we wake up...we go go to work... I clean the apartment... he makes dinner... and so and so forth....

DON'T GET ME WRONG. I love my life...I appriciate the fact that we have jobs that pay the rent and put food on the table. I appricate the fact my husband is my BESTfriend and he rocks my socks! (the poem in my last blog was about him by the way)

My life is awsome. BUT- Im not complacent. There is MUCH more I want to be doing. And the thing is when life is good and things are going well its easy to get comfortable and forget about the dreams you are suppose to be making come true. Complacency is one of our WORST enemies!

When my husband and I got married at the begining of this year we said... we are getting married. yes. BUT we are NOT settling down.

That man is like my husband/ partner in crime...my P.I.C. lol basically what I am saying is we have stuff to do and places to see.

Right now we are lining our ducks in row so that we can take off.

First, a modeling career is what I want! I want it so bad I can taste it! I LOVE love LOVE modeling!

Second, I'm an artist. I paint. I draw...all that ish. Right now Im struggeling to find my artistic voice so to speek....but art is and will always be my passion. I want to start working on my childrens book that will be published ONE DAY.

Thirdly, is dance... a hidden talent of mine that has been on the shelf for quite some time... and I must say I miss it...God didnt give me that gift for nothing...I am just waiting for an outlet to set it free once again...

SOOO as you can see... I have A LOT to do. Believe im gonna do it ALL! Im gonna be all over the place (me and my baby) WATCH :)

I just need to chill out and be patient. God may not always move when I want him to but he ALWAYS moves at just the right time. I know he has to prepare me.

I have to truely understand His purpose for it all before he sends me out there.

For instance, God doesnt want me to model so can look cute on a magazine cover (im pretty sure he could care less) But what he does care about is little girls seeing the beauty in themselves and being inspired to embrace that. Modeling is a great to tool for inspiration.

God's plans are so much bigger than mine... I know I have to take this waiting period to simply listen.

I will move when God says move and stay when God says stay... but OMG thats so much easier said than done...


  1. Hello Gorgeous!

    This is your bestest speaking! I completely forgot that I had a blog until I saw your facebook status! Lol. Anywho! I love your blog, girlie! You're right, God has blessed you with sooooo many talents and you better get to using them! You are an AMAZING SUPERFANTABULOUS MODEL, ARTIST, DANCER, FRIEND, & WIFE! What a great resume', huh? Lol. You are going to be even more amazing than you currently are (i know, how is that even possible?) None the less, dont forget about me and Janelly when you make it big! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU TAWNDUH ROSHELL WAHLAY!!! Dang, you're a Collins now, huh? Oh well! LOL


  2. hey! i love the way you express yourself! Keep on writing woman! :)

  3. i soooo fell you..am 30 amd my husband too...am a doctor so always always working but i really wanna get out of here like wo!!! i keep praying that we would live in paris..go for more concerts...i wish i could join a band...anyway i tootally feel you