Monday, May 18, 2009

I love my life

So I have already determined that worry and fear can not be apart of my life. I have already sent their eviction notice and they have been ordered to leave my world.
They have come knocking a few times here and there, but they have been turned away every time. Which is huge for me. The old Tondi would have welcomed them with open arms, the new Tondi slams the door in their face.

I must say Im proud of myself

It might sound cliche, but Life is such a journey. We can plan out every moment, but while we are planning Life goes on, and it doesnt care about our schedules or agendas.

I think one thing I learned this weekend is that I cant live my life afraid to make mistakes. I cant live my life expecting everything to always go my way. That sometimes if I just let life run its course I will save myself a lot of heartache. I have learned that life should be enjoyed, not tolorated. I cant wait for my circumstances to be perfect in order to be happy, I have to decide to be happy.

I have to look at my life and see the amazing people God has put around me and all the provisions He has made for me...too many, too much to name.

I love my life...I love who I am... and I think God is doing a great job.


  1. Your thoughts I concur...
    You spoke volumes to me
    So happy you exist=)
    I'm a lover of life too
    so I stay true

    Taking out the demons in my way
    so I may have a peace of mind...
    Aim Green

  2. i feel you sooo much..cant add anything to that