Sunday, January 30, 2011

or else... why live?

which was the illusion? the love I felt or the indifference i feel now?
not sure which one to wish for.

such tragedy in both

this indifference is just protection.
what kind of way is that to live?

my ignorance is so terrifying but incredibly blissful at the same time

however, there is a bigger tragedy.

the uninspired artist who inspires no one

i believe there in lies the real reason for my tears
not because I'm broken
but because no real beauty has come of it

at least none I've seen

still, I let the tears dry up
because I know it's coming

it has to

or else

why live?


  1. Often the greatest and only illusion we have is believing that we are what we think ourselves to be. Many can do without truth, but NONE are strong enough to do without their illusions. Between love and indifference which is the illusion? It has been said what is real can usually be measured. The problem is that neither love nor indifference can be measured. Indifference can’t be measured because it is completely void of bias or feeling. Love can’t be measured because its bias and feeling are immeasurable. Take comfort in knowing that when ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.

    What is an artist? It’s we whose souls are connected to the emotional currents of the cosmos. The more wounded we become, the more frail and fragile we are, the more we mature as “artists”. What is inspiration? It’s no more than an extreme illustration of a process that continuously flows through the minds of us all. As artists we have lightening storms where others have light bulbs. But none of us have control over when the light bulb comes on or how brightly it burns. We can woo inspiration, but we can’t enslave it.

    Beauty is truth, and truth beauty. Beautiful things are, as in art, more impressive when left imperfect than when too highly refined. A tear is deeper than the sea, and how beautiful is the sea? Tears are soft, but strong enough to break the gates of heaven. How beautiful and powerful then are your tears? I will tell you: beautiful and powerful enough to inspire others even when you feel uninspired.

    Why live? Life is like love. All reason is against it, and all healthy instinct is for it. But love special, and it is the answer to the question. It’s been said, “Love makes the world go round.” It’s true. More than that, it makes the ride worthwhile. Love as it is intended, as we are born with it (before it is injured by the trials of life) isn’t limited in its aim. It is given away wholeheartedly, inclusively, unconditionally, and inexhaustibly. It loves even those it doesn’t know. The aim of love is to love, no more, no less. Love, like virtue, is its own reward. It is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Now smile. So I can.


  2. im smiling. trust me. thank you... those first two sentences said so much. you have a lot of wisdom my friend, i am glad to partake