Thursday, December 30, 2010

the darkness

i dont want to make friends with this darkness because I know it is not here to stay.
but, the darkness is in fact here.

i do not fear for the future, i fear for this moment I am in.

I see the road ahead of me is not easy but it's bright... so if i ever escape this moment, there is where I would like to be.

2010 is coming to a close. it won't be missed.
2011 is fast approaching. it will change everything.

As much as I want to spill everything out on these pages, I can't do so at this moment.
Just know, my life has been changed drastically.
Nothing will ever be the same.


  1. Do not fear the darkness. Darkness provides contrast, so that the light may be easier to see the further we find ourselves from it. It is in the darkness that we dream. And what are dreams but glimpses of a future that could yet be?

    ALL appears to change when WE change. Embrace the change. Make it your own. See from this world into the next so that you may help to shape them both.


  2. Hey! just stumbled on your blog. Hope you are good?

  3. @W that was so well said. I need to write that down and put it all my wall so I dont forget those words

    @God's own I am good. thanks for checking out my blog... I will have

  4. You flatter me. It was my pleasure.