Monday, August 10, 2009

a few updates

I have attempted to write a post six times now. I have something to say but the words arnt comming out. I wanted to give a quick update on the goings on of life since my last post but I feel like so much has gone on Im not sure where to start. Normally I have a lot on my mind, but in this moment not so much. There is just one thing on my's not making much room for anything else. Im so hesitant to say it... and I think there's a reason for that so ill just move on...

OK, a few updates:

The job search continues... I havnt found anything yet but I continue to search.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Chicago so I can meet with Ford and Elite Modeling Agencies. I am extremely excited about that... it will be my favorite birthday present :)
I will be 21 August 24th. A nice way to start another year of life.

Also I met a lady from one of Wilhelmina's affiliate agencies, called S2Wilhelmina.... they just happen to be based here in Columbus, who knew?? Heres a link to the agencies site in case you live under a rock and have no idea what Im talking about >> The lady was very nice, gave me her card and told me to give her a call. I'll probably call her tomorrow morning and set something up. Also very exciting, I havnt been in front of an agent since I was 15 and I had my mommy with me... of course we were being scammed and lost a crap ton of money... but hey. Lesson learned. If I talked to this lady and she's asking for a mula, I know to say a polite "no thank you" and find to the nearest exit :)

In other news... I am more than half way throught the bible!! Crazy right?? I found this podcast called, Daily Audio Bible (here's a link It's amazing. I starting following along in January and Im already halfway through the bible...and I must say it's a great book. It will change your life if you let it. The bible used to send a "nap time" signal to my brain, which is why I can't believe that by the end of this year I will have read the whole thing cover to cover. Thats good stuff.

Also, I will be introducing you all to Seth here pretty soon. He is the next charcter in the childrens book I am working on. You might remember Jondi. She's the main charcter in the series. I introduced her to you guys back in June. Well, Seth is her bestfriend. He's all drawn out, I just have to finish painting him. When he's done I'll show you guys. I love him already :)

Oh yeah, I had a photo shoot at a fair on friday. Yup, right there in front of everybody. Picture me in a little tiny bandage dress, huge hair, and 4" fringe boots walking around the fair with a photographer and our assistant! LOL People thought I was famous! They were all taking pics with their camera phones and asking for my autograph! I got soo weirded out! It was like I was on an America's Next Top Model challenge or something! I had to play the games and ride the rides while still posing and trying to look "candid" all the while everybody is stopping and staring and shouting things! LOL It was super awkward at first, but then I stopped caring and I got into it and ended up having a lot of fun. The shots look amazing! They arnt edited or anything yet but heres a sneak peek...

Anessa Woods shots this... and I love it......Anyways that is all for now... Untill we meet again- stay sexy!!


  1. Thanks for posting...I was like "when is she gonna share her thoughts again"...So happy to here from you once again =)...Wow you'll be just 21 good for you (smiling) I remember those days like it was yesterday...Well, you are sure ahead of the game keep up the good work...paz

    Looking forward at